Redox Report is the official journal of SFRR(A). Five members of the Society are on the Editorial Advisory Board.

Redox Report publishes methodological and intellectual advances underpinned by new data, reviews, hypotheses, critiques and other forms of discussion. Special Issues can be suggested to the Editor. Articles highlighting 'classic' papers in free radical research also are published from time to time.

There are no page charges or refereeing fees and colour images are published free on line.

SFRR(A) members are encouraged to submit original articles to Redox Report. Suggestions for reviews or Special Issues should be sent to me at: Nicholas.hunt[at] These suggestions need only consist of a title and a couple of lines giving a little more information. The Introduction sections of Honours, Masters or PhD theses can easily be converted into reviews, with obvious benefits for the student's CV.

Further information can be found at

Nick Hunt (Editor)